Wednesday, Apr 19th

8pm Eastern / 5pm Pacific

Webinar Starts In...

Hosted By:

John S Rhodes

Kindle Publisher, Author, Consultant

Ashley Z

Author, researcher and publisher -- over 400 Kindle ebooks published

What You'll Learn On This Live Training:

  • The 7 steps to make as much as $30K+/Month from each simple website you build.
  • How to scale from $10/day to $100/day to $1000/day (it's MUCH easier than you think)
  • Why this system takes less than 60 minutes to set up (it is insanely fast to implement)
  • Our 'secret weapon' that takes ALL the gruntwork out of the process (Hint: the work is DONE-FOR-YOU)
  • How one of our STUDENTS "copied" us and went from ZERO to over a million dollars in sales in just 6 months!