Thursday, Jul 20th

7pm Eastern / 4pm Pacific

Webinar Starts In...

Hosted By:

James Jones

Celebrating 25 Years as an Online Entrepreneur

Ty Cohen

Kindle Publishing Coach

What You'll Learn On This Live Training:

  • How to create your own eBook (even if you are Not a writer) and Learn How to Turn $100 into $2000.00, Over and Over with Easy Little Amazon Flips…
  • How to "title" your kindle ebooks the right way(This has a tremendous impact on how well your ebooks will sell and during this webinar we'll explain why.. You don't want to miss this)
  • How to find out if your topic idea is "in demand" before you even publish it (This will save you a lot of time)
  • How to take advantage of Amazon's new model to make even more money.
  • The best prices to price your ebook for maximum sales and profit