Thursday, Oct 18th

2pm Eastern / 11am Pacific

Webinar Starts In...

Hosted By:

James Jones

Celebrating 25 Years as an Online Entrepreneur

Steve Rosenbaum & Veit Schenk

Second Act Success Coach

What You'll Learn On This Live Training:

  • Why the Big Retirement Lie has set you up to fail and caused so many Baby Boomers to wind up homeless, sick and broke.
  • The Monthly Passive Scalable Income (PSI) solution that keeps you and your loved ones from suffering the same fate.
  • How to overcome your limiting beliefs and discover exactly why people really will crawl over broken glass to hear your story and buy your products... even if you don't think you're an expert.
  • Discover the PERFECT Niche for you to generate monthly passive income (Hint: this is completely different from what everybody else has told you... and it WORKS!)
  • Build your very first product and create Money In Your Inbox... We even GUARANTEE your First Sale... or it's FREE!